The Things I’m Reading This Week (January 8th, 2020)

Every Wednesday, I’m going to be sharing a list of the things I’m reading and find beneficial. This week includes some insight into the research I did before starting this blog, three helpful articles on reading through Scripture, and a link to some timelines to help us all feel old. (You can access the links by clicking the titles!)

This particular blog was helpful as I was thinking about pursuing this opportunity to write. Tim Challies has been blogging for years, and his encouragement to share our thoughts and make it available to others spurred me on to make this website. We live in an unprecedented time where we can publish and access more writing than ever. So is there a place for blogging? Most definitely.

The new year has begun, which means it’s time for a fresh start. For a lot of believers, January 1st means it’s time to start a new Bible reading plan. Maybe you’ve been reading for years and need a reminder as you approach the Scriptures, or maybe you’ve decided this is the year to finally make it through from Genesis to Revelation. David Mathis gives six principles to help us read the Word better.

I love to know the context of the books of the Bible as I read through them. For me, the I like to dig deep to find out what was going on at the time the different books of the Bible were written. The Village Church recently published this helpful timeline of when the books of the Bible take place in history. This can be beneficial for you as you read, or maybe even spark conversations with your kids during family devotions. It’s a great reminder that the Bible isn’t detached from history.

Continuing with resources to help as you read through the Bible, here’s my favorite Bible app right now. This app is called “Read Scripture” and breaks the Bible down into daily manageable readings, while preserving the grand narrative of Scripture. Many days feature videos to help set the context and clarify the main themes of the text planned for the day. I’ve found this app particularly helpful as I’m reading through Leviticus right now.

Here’s a fun one. Ready to have your mind blown? This post features a series of timelines showing just how far 2020 is from, say, 1990. And yes, it hurts to see some of these.

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