Loving God in the Ordinary

Sometimes, we reach the point where life feels like it’s filled with nothing but Tuesdays. The days are ordinary. Nothing special is happening. We don’t dread the day like we would a Monday, and we don’t really have too much to be excited about like a Friday. The day is what it is. Which leads us to the question: how can we find joy on the Tuesdays? How do we love God in the ordinary?

Part of the reason why I ask this question is because I’m consistently seeking to push my students towards loving God and making much of Him in the ordinary. One of my biggest goals for my life and those in my ministry is to destroy the divide we place between the sacred and the secular. Sunday worship is meant to spill into Monday-Saturday life.

One of the ways we can push back against this separation mentality is by seeing our primary identity as Believers in Jesus. So, before we are a husband, wife, or single, we are a follower of Jesus. Before we are a mother or father, we are a follower of Jesus. Before we are a student or work somewhere, we are a follower of Jesus. All of these things are secondary to who we are in light of the gospel.

When we begin to live this way, we’ll begin to live in the way God has intended for us to live. We begin to walk in the abundant life Christ promised to bring us in John 10:10. Suddenly, we are no longer a spouse seeking our own gratification, but a servant seeking to meet the other’s needs. Then, we begin to see our roles as parents in light of eternity, understanding that we have an opportunity to raise a child up in the faith. At school or in our job, we do all things with excellence as unto the Lord, knowing we have an opportunity to worship through this work.

It’s in living for God that we begin to find the extraordinary within the Tuesdays. As Christians, we have been invited into living for the eternal each and every day, even in the smallest things. How will you use the ordinary to love God this week?

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