This Week’s Top Three (February 12, 2020)

Seth Stewart absolutely hits the nail on the head with this article. This is a powerful reminder of why I do what I do. This quote says it so well: “I love student ministry because while our culture has so little hope for the next generation, God’s hope for them and his plan for them has no limits.” If you’re working with students, are raising students, or care about the students in your church, this article is well worth your time.

Ray Ortlund gives a powerful reminder about staying faithful for the long term in ministry. This idea has been on my mind for some time now, especially since I’ve started my first full-time ministry position. I want to be faithful. I want to stay and learn. I want to grow and use what God gives me to establish strong foundations for students. This article makes me want those things even more.

Have you ever met a High School Senior who still didn’t know what he or she wanted to do with her life? Have you ever wondered what has caused such a trend? John Basie begins an excellent evaluation of the ever growing job market in this article.

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