This Week’s Top Three (February 19th, 2020)

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times about the roles of men and women in society. Despite culture’s best attempts to redefine gender roles, it seems there is something wired deep within us which causes men and women to prefer specific roles within the home. Here are a couple highlights:

  • “The fact that home life doesn’t look all that different from half a century ago surprises researchers, because in most other ways, attitudes about gender roles have changed a lot.”
  • “If young people can’t even envision a model of what men’s time at home might look like, that’s evidence that our beliefs about gender are really strong and sticky,” said Joanna Pepin, a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin and an author of the recently published study, with Brittany Dernberger, a sociology doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland. “That’s yet another thing that’s getting in the way of social change.”
  • “Norms about what men are supposed to do also have an effect, researchers say — starting in childhood, when boys do fewer chores than girls do. Masculinity is strongly tied to earning an income and avoiding things that are considered feminine.”

God’s truth shines through, even in a time of confusion in our culture.

I love coming across new things which challenge what I’ve always taken for granted in my understanding of the Bible. This article was one of those resources. Pop quiz: Did it start raining when Noah brought the animals upon the ark and God sealed the door? You’ll have to read to find out!

When we talk about “preaching” the gospel in Scripture, does it mean only pastors are qualified to share with others? By evaluating a sermon from Charles Spurgeon out of Acts 8, Denny Burk reminds us that all Christians are to be known as those who proclaim, or preach, the gospel (even students!).

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